MSPW Install


System Requirements

Computer: Microsoft Windows 7 or above, Microsoft Office 2010 or above, PDF Reader

Network: MSPW Web Service URLs must be whitelisted in the network firewall

(contact MSPW support team to get URLs)




Install Instructions



1.       If you are reinstalling Mobil Serv PowerWriter, first delete the 3DPowerWriter2 folder on your Desktop. Then reboot your computer.

NOTE: Deleting this folder will not delete your MSPW documents.










2.       Click this link Mobil Serv PowerWriter ZIP Install (3.0.0.X) to download the latest Zip install file.


         When prompted, click Save As, then select your Desktop folder.






3.       After the file download completes, go to your Desktop and locate the Zip file





NOTE: Step 4 is not required on ExxonMobil computers

4.     Right click the file and choose Properties.

            Then click the Unblock checkbox.

 Then Click OK.





5.       Right click the file and choose Extract All to unzip the file onto your Desktop.


NOTE: Your computer may have other Extract options. After you Extract the ZIP file you should have the below folder on your desktop.




6.    After you unzip the file you should have a new folder on your Desktop named 3DPowerWriter2 with two items.







7.     In the folder named 3DPowerWriter2. Copy the shortcut named Mobil Serv PowerWriter and paste in on your Desktop.





8.     Double click the shortcut named Mobil Serv PowerWriter to open the program.

            When prompted, select your Default Settings. These can be changed later using the Settings menu.





Mobil Serv PowerWriter will automatically update to the latest version after installation. At the top of the My Files screen you will see the update download status. After the update has downloaded you will see a popup message prompting you to install the update.